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Marketing for the Future
  • Posted: Dec 17, 2018

Marketing for the Future

Media Discussion | Thursday, December 13, 2018


Companies and individuals are in a position today where social media presence means everything.  As Lucid grows, our media and branding strategy becomes more important to our future growth and scalability.


The question is, how do we extend our outreach? How do we turn Lucid Travel into a brand for people to recognize? We believe that the key to thriving is to think big.  To improve our social media presence and secure long term growth, Lucid spent the morning brainstorming the best techniques and strategies to make Lucid the next big household name for travel.


The first step for improving Lucid’s social media content is to generate a more engaged, loyal audience by posting content they will like and want to engage with – something easier said than done. It requires a change in mindset. Our content should be structured more like a media company rather than a marketing firm. It should be about giving not asking.


We concluded that people’s attention is generally captured when they see something they can relate to, or something that produces an emotional reaction out of them.  Lucid Travel encompass’ two markets: travel and sports. Since our current niche revolves around sports travel, we scrolled all the way through Nike’s Instagram to see what their beginning looked like. Their content had a general theme – sports, and motivation.  This demonstrated to Lucid that people are motivated by something more than the product or service. People like to be reminded to “Just Do It.”


If an audience is built by getting an emotional response from them and providing them with value, Lucid’s challenge is to promote something besides our service, like how Zappos delivers happiness.  This encompass’ the act of branding Lucid so that our name becomes something people recognize and can associate with a feeling – like the excitement of getting cashback.


While the specifics of what we should start posting are still vague, we know it needs to encompass a general theme, since good branding relies on creating an emotional connection and consistency for the audience.  For the next couple years, Lucid will focus on media and expanding our market. Since its launch in August of 2017, Lucid has been able to grow organically without any investors, and it is projected that by October of 2019 Lucid will have over 4 million in total sales.


Lucid has a good model that is easy to sell.  We offer cashback for a free service that anyone would need to do anyway to book a hotel.  We have an affiliate program in which both you and your invitee get $20 for inviting them to use Lucid Travel.  Our goal is to market these services so that everyone knows about them – like how everyone knows about the reward AirBnB offers for inviting someone to use their service.  How do people know this stuff about AirBnB without knowing AirBnB?  What did they do?  What can we do so that people will know all this stuff about Lucid?


We found the answer to coincide with our company values of user efficiency and ease of access.  AirBnB lets their customer know right away on the home page about their offers. It incentives the customers to reach out to their friends and family, thus promoting AirBnB  for them.


Lucid Travel also values customer experience.  Without our customers, we have no business. If we want to become more than just a software company, we have to provide them with something they’ll want to engage with. Social media is the best way to start going about this, since social media serves to network and market – two crucial things to sustainable, long term growth.  The trick is to produce the right kind of content that sells more than just the service, since as our favorite saying goes, “it’s not what you buy it's why you buy it.”

Author: Willow Groskreutz