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Lucid's Vision

Lucid exists for one reason - to make travel easier for sports teams & tournaments.

We believe that the real innovation needed in sports travel will come from automating the end-to-end booking & management process. There are a lot of great travel agencies that are good at negotiating deals but none that focus on great user experience, notification design, and software automation.

Setting up lodging for tournaments is an extremely complex process but, if done well, it can generate a lot of additional revenue. Because of this, only large organizations that have resources in place are able to provide this service to their tournament attendees. Lucid is making this revenue stream available to the small/mid-sized organizations that have limited time & resources.

Lucid also understands that travel is a small part of what teams and tournament directors actually do. In order to provide a real differentiated travel solution, we must integrate with the existing tools that teams already use. These are leading software solutions that manage things like team scheduling, communication, event registration, tournament listing, and more. This allows Lucid to fit directly into the broader ecosystem and become a seamless part of the end-to-end experience.

Whether you're an interested customer or someone looking to join our growing team, please don't hesitate to reach out and connect.


Ben Knosby

CEO & Founder

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Lucid's Typical Customer

Most of Lucid's customers are innovative leaders that believe the future of travel management can be more exciting, simpler, and more cost-effective.

We like finding clients that become part of the team and are passionate about improving every detail of travel from booking to managing receipts.

We listen and improve each & every day.

What does the 2.0 mean?

At the beginning of 2020, Lucid was launching 2 new products, hiring several key positions, and transitioning to a more modern technology stack. We decided that adding 2.0 to our logo was an easy way to showcase these changes to our partners.

Our Principles

How we live and work.

Radical Transparency

Find truth, communicate often and face conflicts head on.

Be Curious

Take risks, explore new things, & don’t be afraid to fail.

Be Authentic

Be the real you. Insincerity is easy to identify.

Take Ownership

Real leaders take ownership of wins AND losses.

Positions Available

Full Stack Developer

Entry level position designed to work with senior developers to automate and simplify travel for sports teams.


Sales Development Rep

Engage with potential clients to set meetings & interact with the Lucid Travel brand.


Marketing Analyst

Develop content for existing & potential clients. Manage marketing spending and key metrics.


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