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Earn Money From Team Travel

Create a customized link for your team, earn money on every reservation made, and add team member's email to get reminders & hotel notifications.

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Your Team's Travel Page

Your team's one-stop shop for hotels & lodging.

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Customize Your Link

Add your team's logo and background image so that your page is perfect for your team.

Earn Cash Back

Get 5%+ cashback on every reservation made on your team's Travel Page (Great way to fundraise!).


Automated Reminders

Team members get email notifications when room blocks are ready to book and reminders when others on the team are booking.

Simplified Room Blocks

Request room blocks and easily see who's booked & who hasn't. Room Blocks have never been easier.

Choose How To Book

Your team can Book Instantly (1-9 Rooms) or Set Up A Room Block (10+ Rooms). You'll earn cash back either way.

Option 1

Book Instantly (1-9 Rooms)

Lucid aggregates rates from top travel sites like, Priceline, Expedia,, and many more.

We also connect with wholesale networks and 10,000+ hotels directly to offer exclusive discounts up to 60% off. These are Real discounts, not another marketing campaign...

  • Lucid aggregates rates from top travel sites
  • Access non-public wholesale discounts (Up to 60% off)
  • Earn 5%+ cash back on every reseration made
Option 2

Easy Room Blocks (10+ Rooms)

Get your room blocks set up with 1 click.

Lucid's Process:

  • Submit your room block request. Here's The Form
  • Lucid's event team will text you within 24 hours to get started.
  • Lucid will negotiate discounted rates, free rooms, hotel reward points, and more.
  • You approve the hotel and rate we get for you and Lucid finalizes the process.
  • Each team member will get an email with the link so that everyone can book.

How Email Notifications Work

  • Booking Notifications
    If team members booked in the last 7 days, each team member gets an email on Monday letting you know who booked and at what hotel.
  • Room Block Request Notifications
    If a team member requests a team room block (10+ rooms), each team member gets an email so that you know a room block link is coming soon to book your room.
  • Room Block Ready Notifications
    When a room block link is available, each team member gets an email to book their room. They also get reminders to book as the cut-off date approaches.

The Lucid Difference

Create a team page that all of your members can access.

  • Cashback rewards on every booking your team makes
  • Add team member's emails to get booking reminders
  • Set up hotel room blocks (10+ rooms) with 1 click
  • Access exclusive hotel deals instantly (1-9 rooms)

1000+ University Teams
Over 1000 University Teams Use Lucid

  • Boston University
  • UNC Chapel Hill
  • Purude
  • UMN
  • Boston University
  • UNC Chapel Hill
  • UMN
  • Northeastern University
  • Northeastern University
Case Study

Pro Skills Basketball

PSB has teams in most of the major cities across the country. They want to cut down on the time it takes to set up room blocks and make the process easier for their teams.

Super Simple Room Blocks

PSB has a Travel Page for each of their teams. They simply add travel events for each team, request room blocks, and add of the team members to the system.

Automated Reminders & Tracking

With Lucid, everyone on the team is notified when an event is added and when room blocks are added. They also get reminders and reporting that just makes sense.

Their Custom Travel Page

Pro Skills Basketball

One simple link that all teams can access.


Customer Service is our #1 Priority

This isn't a marketing slogan, we truly do prioritize customer service over everything else.

The reason for this is because we also partner with 100+ universities and they require extremely good service. This best-in-class service also works for teams. No other travel company comes close in terms of customer service & support.

-Ben Knosby, CEO & Founder

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Lucid, your team can book rates instantly or set up custom room blocks. Lucid makes the room block process much simpler than ever before - just a click away.

Room Block Request Form

Yes, you get a FREE team admin login that allows you to see all of your reservations in one place. We can add custom questions to your check-out page like 'Team Name' or 'Event Name' so that you easily organize who has booked and who hasn't

Yes, Lucid can be used by individuals, families, teams, organizations, and businesses of all sizes. Whether you're booking 1 room for a weekend trip or manage $2M in travel spend per year, Lucid can help you save money and simplify the process.

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No, Lucid is 100% FREE to use. Lucid earns money on commission and does not earn money from fees of any kind.