Emerging Trends in Sports Tourism: What to expect in 2024

Emerging Trends in Sports Tourism: What to expect in 2024

  • Posted: Feb 12, 2024

The global sports tourism market is expanding steadily, and during the projected period, further growth is anticipated due to the growing strategies being implemented by key players. Over the past few years, sports tourism has gained a larger place at the proverbial tourism table. Given that sports helped the travel industry throughout the pandemic, destinations now understand that sports are impervious to almost everything adverse that might happen to any country. 

To give you a background, sports tourism is a form of tourism associated with attending sporting events. It can include, among other things, playing a sport, going to locations having historical value for sports, and attending a local or worldwide sporting event.

So, while sports tourism is thriving and will continue still, here are the top emerging trends in sports tourism to look out for in 2024. 

Why Does Sports Tourism Matter

Sports tourism generated 10% of global tourism spending, making it a fundamental axis. It is projected to develop at a rate of 17.5% between 2023 and 2030, transporting cargo both inside and between continents. Sports tourism has the potential to expedite development, create a lasting beneficial legacy, and encourage social, economic, and environmental action.

Travel and sports go hand in hand and are complementary. One of the tourist industries that is expanding the fastest right now is sports tourism. Whether sports are the primary reason for a trip, an increasing number of travelers are interested in participating in sporting events. Travelers are drawn to sporting events of all sizes and shapes because, to stand out from the competition and offer genuine local experiences, both venues and athletes strive to incorporate elements of their home cultures. Large-scale sporting events like the Olympics, World Cup, or the upcoming NASCAR Cup Series season-opening can boost tourism if used to promote destinations, provide infrastructure, and provide other positive social and economic effects. For example, people opting for a conveniently located hotel accommodation that offers easy access to nearby sports events, ensuring unforgettable and enjoyable experiences.

Key Sporting Tourism Trends in the Market

It is no secret that the sports tourism market plays a significant role in the expansion and success of a travel destination for tourism business. These popular sporting events, like the yearly Super Bowl or the Olympic 100-meter sprint final, are sometimes regarded as hallmark events. To improve their entire sports and tourism experience and make lifelong memories, this category of travelers is known to spend more money than the typical domestic or foreign visitor. Due to popular demand, sports tourists attending well-known athletic events pay a premium for their event tickets.


  • The growing appeal of huge athletic events that draw local and foreign tourists, including the Olympics, Formula One, FIFA World Cup, and Super Bowl, is a significant development in the sports tourism industry. Sports tourism is becoming more popular because of aggressive marketing tactics and growing sporting facilities.

  • Sports tourism is growing thanks to technological innovations like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), which give fans an interactive experience. It is anticipated that the growth of smart stadiums and the growing fan desire for immersive experiences will accelerate the use of IoT and data analytics technology in the sports tourism industry.

  • Governments everywhere are enhancing athletic facilities to boost travel for sports and stimulate global economic expansion. It is anticipated to support the growth of the sports tourism industry in the upcoming years, along with the growing demand for fitness-focused travel.

Market Share by Type

Due to its ease of travel and lack of visa requirements, domestic sports tourism accounts for a sizable chunk of the sports tourism market share. Sports fans can easily travel to a domestic league by using intra-regional transportation options, including buses and trains, which provide comfortable and reasonably priced travel.

The increased popularity of quick weekend getaways, changing consumer behavior, and rising leisure spending contribute to the segment's expansion. In addition, the fervor around sports like football and cricket, the growing efforts by governments to boost domestic sports tourism, and the willingness of fans to shell out cash to watch live games help the demand for sports tourism in the years to come.

Market Share by Region

Because so many major sporting events, including the Premier League and La Liga, are staged throughout the continent, Europe holds a sizable portion of the market. The market in the area is also being driven by rising government investments in sports tourism, the expanding health consciousness, and the growing desire for immersive sports experiences.

In addition, citizens of the EU and Schengen area are exempt from passport requirements when visiting other member nations, which increases the appeal of domestic travel to several sporting events. Furthermore, to assist the expansion of the sports tourism industry, specific athletic organizations have joined educational institutions to host inter-region competitive leagues for students.

Final Thoughts

Most of us will engage in sports tourism at some point in our lives, whether playing in a softball tournament with our league, running a marathon, or watching our favorite football team play. Both participants and spectators enjoy this pastime, and the economy benefits greatly from its high revenue generation. Sports travel is traditional. It's thrilling. Although it's not a brand-new fad, it is continually expanding, and experts predict that it will only become better in the years to come. 


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