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Lucid Travel as a Media Company
  • Posted: Jan 02, 2019

Lucid Travel as a Media Company

Before the year came to an end, Lucid Travel thought more about big picture ideas for 2019 and beyond. They revolved around how Lucid can produce more content and engage more people. Our sales team works hard every day to set new partners but this is only one channel of growth. We think that by distributing valuable content effectively, media could become another powerhouse pillar of growth for the company.


The challenge is figuring what kind of media to create, and how to distribute it. We’ve determined that generating attention to our social media page revolves around first establishing a repertoire of content separate from Instagram. This will help us build a foundation for people to refer to. It will also help us decide what is most effective to post. Besides the weekly newsletters and these blogs, we’ve decided to start posting video podcasts (vlogs).



We have to remind ourselves that marketing is much more simple than its made out to be. It’s just a process of critical thinking to decide what will best capture people’s attention. Our audience would most likely be captivated by merging sports and travel together. We thought about exploring famous stadiums, or hometowns of famous players, and posting about it. Alternatively, we could just share the best reviews about such destinations. Since Lucid Travel strives to make things easier for people, providing them with the best reviews available would save them the hassle of searching for it themselves. Eventually, we could have people send their stories and reviews to us. This would serve to brand Lucid Travel as a platform to talk about travel.

Brainstorming is a big part of growing a business. It keeps ideas fresh and dreams big. In a previous sales meeting, we thought about advertising discounted room blocks for big events. We developed more on this idea today. By advertising how many fans of a certain team were staying in a hotel, we could incentivize more people to book through us by offering a private party if we reached a certain number of guests. This would extend Lucid Travel into a major player in the hospitality industry.


Overall, 2018 set an abundance of good ideas in motion. It is exciting to see where the new year will take us and our customers. Whatever form our media takes, we know it must be something that either stimulates enjoyment, entertainment, or enlightenment for our viewers.


Author: Willow Groskreutz