Why Sports Team Fundraising is so Hard

Why Sports Team Fundraising is so Hard

  • Posted: May 23, 2017

Every sports team, youth to adult, has to focus on fundraising to some degree. It’s a crucial part of any team because, without it, the players are stuck fronting the bills and we all know they can add up quickly. Whether that means selling coupon books, hosting a carwash or simply asking friends & family for money, one thing holds true - it’s a hassle.


1st Question - What makes fundraising such a hassle?


The answer is simple, most fundraising methods use a “push” approach to selling products or services. What this means is that teams are given something to sell that people in their communities don’t want or need. Because people want to support the team, they buy the product or service. You (the fundraiser) know that the product or service is really not needed which makes the selling process much more difficult and painful. Sound familiar?


2nd Question - How do we make fundraising easier?


Again, the answer is simple, sell things that your community (and most importantly, your team) already have to buy… This seems like common sense but very few teams actually utilize this concept.


3rd Question - What do sports teams and their communities already buy?


The answer is Travel. All competitive sports teams have to travel. That typically means booking hotel rooms, renting cars and purchasing flights. Another reason travel is such a good fit for fundraising is because travel services are expensive and teams typically buy them in large quantities. This means a LOT of money is spent on travel and if teams make money based on a percentage of total sales, they have potential to raise a lot of money over the course of an entire season.


The problem with this is that it is not easy to get affiliate deals with travel vendors. They typically require expensive travel licenses and constant upkeep to stay relevant so that leads us to our last question.


4th Question - How can your team raise money through travel?


Luckily, a little start-up out of Raleigh, NC is making this available to any team, big or small. They’re called Lucid Travel and their goal is to empower sports teams to raise money by booking travel. Lucid is partnered with travel leaders like Priceline, Booking.com and Hotel Planner. Any sports team can register for FREE and get their very own team page to book hotel rooms, hotel blocks, car rentals and flights in just a few clicks. The prices are exactly the same and the booking process is just as easy. Any bookings made through your team page are automatically tracked and 2% - 5% is given back to the team as a means of fundraising. There is no minimum amount of bookings required and a Lucid rep will be with you through each step of the process.

If this service sounds like a good fit with your team register below:

Register Your Team

Here at Lucid, we love hearing from teams. If you can think of any ways that we could improve our process to better suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us using the link below:

Contact Us

Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon.


Ben Knosby

Co-Founder & CEO



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