Stay-to-Play Is Broken | How Lucid Travel Is Fixing It

Stay-to-Play Is Broken | How Lucid Travel Is Fixing It

  • Posted: Mar 10, 2022


We know that Stay-to-Play is not very popular among teams. The main reason for this is that teams have to stay at hotels that they don't want to stay at. We have a ground-breaking solution to fix this problem.

Comparing Lucid Travel vs Typical Travel Agencies:


  • Most Travel Agencies - Only allow teams to book at the hotels they set up room blocks with.

  • Lucid Travel - We set up room blocks (like normal travel agents) but we also offer automated rates so that participants can book at ANY hotel. 

As the tournament director, you will still earn your defined rebate even if they choose to book automated rates. Lucid's automated rates are pulled from 40+ vendors including major travel companies like, Expedia & as well as non-public wholesalers.

Pretty simply right?

Here are a couple other key features that can help you make hotel management easier than ever before:


  • Automated Booking Reminders: We can load in the emails of every team that's registered for your event and they will receive hotel booking reminders automatically. This saves you a TON of time.

  • Registration Integration: We have integration partners that allow you to seamlessly connect the teams that register to Lucid Travel so that they get booking reminders automatically. Our partners include Sports Engine, TourneyMachine, LeagueApps, Exposure Events, GotSoccer, and many more.

  • Stay-to-Play Reporting & Follow Ups: Our Stay-to-Play reporting is best-in-class. It will show you what teams have registered and what teams have booked in one chart. You can easily see what teams still have not booked and our system will send reminders to those teams so that they are compliant with your policy.


We are all seeking an easier solution for group travel, and Lucid Travel is the team that's set to do it. For our clients, traveling is simple, customizable, and fun. Easy tools, intuitive management, and better prices - that's Lucid.


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Ben Knosby

CEO | Lucid Travel


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