SportsPlus Integrates Lucid Travel to Simplify Tournament Hotels

SportsPlus Integrates Lucid Travel to Simplify Tournament Hotels

  • Posted: Sep 14, 2023

Lucid Travel, a leading technology company in hotel management for sports teams and events, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with SportsPlus, a sports management software for sports clubs, leagues, tournaments and associations. 


SportsPlus enables organizations to build custom websites, handle registrations and payments, schedule activities, and build team apps. Lucid Travel has united with SportsPlus to seamlessly integrate its innovative travel management solutions into the SportsPlus platform. This integration empowers coaches, athletes, parents, and administrators with a simplified process to secure discounted team hotel rooms quickly.


Lucid Travel's referral program and proprietary booking engine will be seamlessly incorporated into the SportsPlus product to make hotels & travel a key feature in their platform. SportsPlus will make hotels available for teams that register for an event that is more than 50 miles away, making booking team hotels easier for both sports administrators and parents.


"We are excited to embark on this strategic partnership with SportsPlus" said Ben Knosby, President at Lucid Travel. "SportsPlus has a great product that is known for building simple, yet effective features - hotels & lodging will be a great addition to their existing feature set."

SportsPlus, known for its comprehensive suite of management tools tailored to the unique needs of youth sports organizations, will now offer Lucid Travel's travel management expertise as part of its holistic platform. Events outside of a 50 mile radius will automatically enable hotel accomodations, making it easier than ever for sports teams and tournament organizers to manage their hotel requirements while enjoying the added benefits of Lucid Travel's exceptional user experience and discounted closed user group rates.


Beyond the technological integration, the partnership enables the shared vision of both companies to enhance the overall youth sports experience. By addressing a critical aspect of sports logistics—travel arrangements—the collaboration seeks to make a lasting impact on the lives of young athletes and their communities.


About Lucid Travel


Lucid Travel is a leading provider of end-to-end lodging management solutions for sports teams and tournaments. Lucid Travel was recently acquired by HotelPlanner to fast-track growth and exposure. With a focus on user experience and innovative automation, Lucid Travel simplifies hotels for events while creating additional revenue opportunities for the organization hosting the event and discounted rates for attendees. 


About SportsPlus


SportsPlus is a pioneering platform dedicated to elevating the management and organization of youth sports activities. This includes custom website design, registration, payments, scheduling, and team apps. By offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline operations and enhance communication, SportsPlus empowers sports clubs, leagues, and organizations to focus on what matters most—the growth and development of young athletes.


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