New Partnership | DanceComp Genie

New Partnership | DanceComp Genie

  • Posted: Oct 30, 2019

DanceComp Genie, the world’s largest dance software platform teams up with team travel expert Lucid Travel.

DanceComp Genie and Lucid Travel have partnered to help make travel more cost-efficient and easier for youth dancers and event organizers in North America.

DanceComp Genie is the leading dance software solution in the USA used by almost 250 event producers, hosting well over 2000 competitions per year.

Lucid Travel offers rates from top travel websites like Expedia,, & along with private discounts that are up to 50% off standard rates. Lucid is designed to help event directors and teams automate their travel processes while delivering exceptional service available 24/7.


Benefits for Event Directors:

Event directors can benefit by streamlining their entire lodging process. Directors receive a customized booking portal that allows them to avoid hotel contracts and travel agencies while still earning money and tracking reservations automatically.

Benefits for Dancers/Teams:

Dance teams benefit from exclusive discounts, flexibility, and ease of use when booking travel. Make a reservation in just a few clicks - no more waiting for hotel contracts or travel agents. Lucid becomes your team’s one-stop-shop whether they are hosting or traveling to an event.


“We understand that managing team travel is painful and it’s not easy to find the best rates - making team reservations should be fast and stress-free so that you can focus on what’s important.” said Lucid Travel CEO, Ben Knosby.


DanceComp Genie

Software and on-site services for dance competitions. DanceComp Genie provides dance competitions with the leading platform for registration, scheduling, scoring, photos, videos, promotion, and deep data analysis. All components required to run a premier dance competition are available on the DanceComp Genie platform.


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