NBC Sports Next Forms Partnership with Leading Travel Provider, Lucid Travel

NBC Sports Next Forms Partnership with Leading Travel Provider, Lucid Travel

  • Posted: Oct 18, 2021

NBC Sports Next, a division of NBC Sports, and part of NBCUniversal Media, LLC, announced today that it has formed a partnership with Lucid Travel, a leading provider in end-to-end booking and management of lodging for sports teams and tournaments.

Lucid Travel will integrate its referral and travel software into NBC Sports Next's Tourney Machine and Advanced Event Systems (AES) tournament management software platforms. Additionally, NBC Sports Next will promote Lucid Travel to its community of event operators, teams, leagues, organizations, coaches and parents.

Together, NBC Sports Next and Lucid Travel will work to enhance the youth sports experience by connecting and simplifying one of the core components of the travel sports experience, lodging arrangements, which are often very complex and time-consuming tasks for sports organizations.

Lucid Travel's focus on creating an optimal user experience, as well as its notification design and software automation, are what set it apart from other travel providers. The flexible solution also generates additional revenue for operators and organizations anytime its participants book hotels, flights, and cars. 

"We are thrilled to partner with Lucid Travel to provide additional value to our customers through its streamlined travel management tools," said Travis Shives, Vice President of Partnerships, NBC Sports Next. "This partnership offers an automated solution to eliminate the headaches and administration of team travel and event management, along with the highest service and support for our customers." 

"NBC Sports Next has a huge footprint in the sports world - Lucid Travel is excited to partner with such a strong brand to bring automated hotel management to thousands of tournament managers," says Lucid Travel CEO Ben Knosby. "Hotels and lodging can be a key revenue source for tournament managers but the complexity of putting it all together makes it inaccessible to most. Lucid Travel can simplify the process while providing great deals to tournament participants and teams."

The youth & recreational sports group of NBC Sports Next continues to find innovative partners to expand its service offerings to its community of athletes, parents, coaches and sport organization administrators. More than one million teams, clubs and leagues use SportsEngine HQ to manage their seasons, events and tournaments with registration, coach eligibility and training programs, and more. Through the time-saving features of these applications, organizations can dedicate more time to developing their athletes and furthering the love of sport. 

About NBC Sports Next
NBC Sports Next is a subdivision of NBC Sports and home to all NBCUniversal digital applications in sports and technology within its three groups: Youth & Recreational Sports, Golf, and Betting & Gaming. NBC Sports Next, known for its sports technology product innovation, equips more than 30MM players, coaches, athletes, sports administrators and fans in 40 countries with more than 25 sports solution products, including SportsEngine, a youth sports club, league and team management platform; TeamUnify, swim team management services; GoMotion, sports and fitness business software solutions; GolfNow, the leading online tee time marketplace and provider of golf course operations technology and services; GolfPass the ultimate golf membership that connects golfers to exclusive content, tee time credits, coaching, tips and other benefits;and NBC Sports Edge, (formerly Rotoworld) a leading platform for fantasy sports information and betting-focused tools. NBC Sports Next is fueled by its mission to innovate, create larger-than-life events and connect with sports fans through technology to provide the ultimate in immersive experiences. 

About Lucid Travel
Lucid believes that travel can be better for tournaments & teams. Whether you're a youth soccer club or a university with 40,000 students - booking, tracking, and saving money should be easier.  A solution should exist that allows teams to access the entire market of travel vendors in one place while making it easier than ever before to book & manage the travel services you need. Exceptional service should always be the primary focus of any organization and Lucid brings that commitment to the travel industry in an authentic way.

SOURCE NBC Sports Next

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