Lucid Travel | University Travel Simplified

Lucid Travel | University Travel Simplified

  • Posted: Apr 20, 2022

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Lucid Travel creates a custom Travel Page for your university that’s designed to:

  • Engineer your travel policies

  • Automate your administrative process

  • Simplify bookings for travelers

Engineering Your Travel Policies

We’re experts at making your travel policies part of the system so there’s no training required to know what’s allowed and what’s not.

Lucid has 100s of policy setting to choose from. 

Controlling Vendors & Inventory:

  • Control Vendors - Lucid has 50+ vendors including major OTAs and Expedia as well as hotel direct rates through the GDS. You get to choose exactly what rate providers are allowed are your Travel Page.

  • Disable Certain Brands - You can choose to disable certain hotel brands so that travelers simply don’t see their properties while searching.

  • Disable Certain Properties - If your travelers have a bad experience at a particular hotel property, Lucid can disable it so that others don’t book there in the future.

  • Highlight Certain Brands/Properties - If you know of certain hotel brands or individual properties that are great choices for your travelers then you can highlight them so they show up first when your travelers search.

Safety Settings & Policies

  • Safety: Minimum Star Rating - Only shows hotels with a minimum star rating so that travelers don’t book at poorly maintained or dangerous properties

  • Lucid Travel Support Team - Lucid Travel has reps available around the clock so that your students and travelers always have support. Our team is available by phone, text, email, and live chat.

  • Duty of Care - When you login to your admin account, there is a button you can click to view all current travelers. If there is an emergency, the Lucid team is trained on how to respond quickly to keep your travelers informed and make the travel arrangements needed to keep everyone safe.

Financial Policies

  • Pricing Limits  - You can set price minimums and/or maximums so that travelers simply don’t see rates that are not compliant with your pricing policies.

  • Remove Non-refundable Rates - Remove all rates that are listed as non-refundable so that canceling is always an option.

  • Add Corporate Discounts - If your university has exclusive deals set up with hotel brands and/or particular hotel properties, Lucid can add that exclusive deal into your Travel Page so that travelers can take advantage of the savings.

Automate Your Administrative Process

Lucid is designed to make managing travel easy for administrators. This includes everything from the approval process to accounting reconciliation to customer service.

Approval & Payment Management:

  • Automated Approval Process - This enables your travelers to send reservation requests to admins for approval & payment. Travelers simply search for hotels, find a hotel and rate they want to book, fill out all needed information to send it to an admin for approval. The admin gets an email that they can review and click on to input payment arrangements to officially book. Admins can be added to the system so that travelers do not have to remember what admins they need to send approval requests to.

Receipt Management & Customer Service

  • Receipt Management - All of your receipts are available at any time by logging into your Lucid admin account. You can search by hotel, dates, traveler(s), organizations name, and much more to easily find what you are looking for.

  • Customer Service - Lucid’s customer service team is available around the clock to help travelers if issues arise and also to help administrators with travel changes, cancellations, and/or questions.

  • Accounting Reconciliation - All of your reservations are available in one place so that you can easily track financials and match receipts in your accounting system.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Total Spend by Organization - This allows you to view hotel spend by organization. You can select the start and end dates of interest to generate the report.

  • Total Spend by Hotel Brand -<> This allows you to view hotel spend by hotel brand. This is a great tool to help you with future corporate rate negotiations with particular hotel brands. You can select the start and end dates of interest to generate the report.

  • Number of Reservations by Location -<> This allows you to view hotel spend by location. This is a great tool to help you with future corporate rate negotiations with particular locations & hotel properties. You can select the start and end dates of interest to generate the report.

Simplify Bookings for Travelers

Lucid is designed to make searching and booking hotels easier than ever before for travelers and teams.

  • No Login or Training Needed - Travelers simply go to their university travel page (Ex: and start their search. No login is required and the booking process is very intuitive.

  • Book In 3 Clicks - Travelers just search, choose a hotel, select a rate, then fill out booking information. It can be complete in a matter of seconds.

  • Customer Support - Lucid has award-winning, around the clock support for travelers. They are available via phone, text, live chat, and email.

Lucid’s university product is one-of-a-kind which is why 150+ universities partner with Lucid for their travel needs.

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