Lucid Travel Hires 20th Employee

Lucid Travel Hires 20th Employee

  • Posted: Oct 12, 2022

2022 has been a breakout year for Lucid Travel - we officially hired our 20th employee and we are well on our way to launching Lucid Travel 3.0. To provide some context, Lucid only had 12 employees at the end of 2021.


Key Position Changes & Hires in 2022:


Chief Technology Officer - Nick Karagiannis - Nick is one of Lucid’s Cofounders and has been part of its growth since day one. Nick has transitioned from COO to CTO so that he can better utilize his engineering & design skills to take Lucid to the next level. He will work with the engineering team to manage new feature development, performance, security, and quality assurance. Nick will still have a hand in business operations but his primary focus will be on product management and developing the engineering team.


Director of Operations - Nay Mendes - Nay started with Lucid Travel in a support role right after we saw some relief from Covid in late 2020. She has played a pivotal role in developing our customer success process and building out our service & support team. She is extremely well-respected by the entire Lucid team and her leadership is what makes Lucid’s culture so vibrant and unique. Nay is the glue that holds our growing team together and she has the ability to drive performance while also showing empathy & respect.


Director of Growth - Danny Bradley (also known as Danny Vegas) - Danny brings over 20 years of marketing and entrepreneurial experience to the Lucid Travel team. Danny met the Lucid team in late 2020 as a customer and hosted many large, successful soccer tournaments in the Las Vegas area. Over the past few years, he’s been a great advocate for the business and helped take the product experience to the next level. Lucid brought him in to help take the business to new heights with his connections, leadership, and marketing expertise.


Director of Events - Tamera Rowe - Tamera started with Lucid as a travel agent and quickly worked her way up as a leader and manager of Lucid’s largest tournaments/events. She leads the Events team at Lucid Travel and has been a key part of the product development for hotel room blocks and event management at Lucid.


Director of Business Development - Michael Acevilla - Michael brings a creative skillset to a very tough position. Michael has the unique ability to create intrigue and demand while solving problems in an analytical way. He is tasked with building the business development team and driving new sales at Lucid Travel.


Director of Marketing - Carol Bortolo - Carol has worked with Lucid as a contractor for years. Her role has been expanded to include notification design & copywriting, content management, user experience research, and market research. She is a true creative and brings a unique perspective to anything she works on.


Sales Engineer - Fernando Boranga - Fernando is tasked with understanding the technical needs of clients and converting that into actionable tasks for our development team. He spends half his time helping clients with integrations and onboarding to ensure they are set up for success and the other half is spent automating processes and designing technical solutions to difficult problems. Fernando has the rare ability to connect with people and engineer complex solutions.



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