Lucid Travel Forms Partnership with Leading Fundraising Platform, Snap!Raise

Lucid Travel Forms Partnership with Leading Fundraising Platform, Snap!Raise

  • Posted: Dec 21, 2022

Lucid Travel, a leading provider in end-to-end management of hotel lodging for sports teams and tournaments, announced today that it has formed a partnership with Snap! Mobile, the largest fundraising platform for groups and teams in the US.

Lucid Travel will integrate Snap! Mobile in its user experience so that teams have the opportunity to start a fundraiser with ease. This will help solve a constant problem for competitive, travel teams - raising money.

Together, Snap! Mobile and Lucid Travel will work to enhance the youth sports experience by connecting team fundraising with travel & tournament lodging. Team travel is often one of the most expensive components of youth sports so Lucid’s partnership with Snap! Mobile will solve a key problem for customers.

Lucid Travel's focus on creating an optimal user experience, as well as its  notification design and software automation, are what set it apart from other travel providers. The flexible solution also generates additional revenue for operators and organizations anytime its participant's book hotels, flights, and cars. 

About Snap! Mobile

Snap! Mobile has been proudly supporting programs around the country with simple and dependable services since 2014. Snap! Raise has raised more than $700 million dollars for over 100,000 groups and teams through over 12.5 million participants and donors. In addition to the Snap! Raise fundraising solution, Snap! Mobile further supports schools, groups, and teams with its other brands Snap! Spend (transparent money management solution), Snap! Store (spirit wear), Snap! Connect (secure multilingual communication), and Snap! Manage (integrated scheduling, communication, and registration). To see how Snap! Mobile can support your program, visit

About Lucid Travel

Lucid Travel is a leading provider of team travel services and tournament lodging. Lucid works with 120+ universities, 1000+ events, and 10,000+ teams every year. Lucid believes that team travel can be better for tournaments & teams. Whether you're a youth soccer club or a university with 40,000 students - booking, tracking, and saving money should be easier.  A solution should exist that allows teams to access the entire market of travel vendors in one place while making it easier than ever before to book & manage the group travel services you need. Exceptional service should always be the primary focus of any organization and Lucid brings that commitment to the travel industry in an authentic way.


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