How Lucid is Building a Strong Sports Community

How Lucid is Building a Strong Sports Community

  • Posted: May 23, 2022

Lucid Travel is a sports travel brand that provides technology solutions for tournament directors, sports teams, and university clubs to make travel easier. Bringing together the vast market of travel vendors into one accessible location, Lucid is designed to make bookings and managing travel simpler than ever before.


But how do we do that?


With a customer-centric approach, we developed a forever free software where you can customize your travel management according to your needs and demands.


One of the pillars to make the software useful to our users is to build a worthwhile strong community where they book and manage hotels & travel without the need to check credibility, reviews, and accuracy.


We've been working effortlessly to make reliable connections with:


  • Hotels: We partner with 40+ different hotel vendors (including,, Expedia, and more) to ensure you’re getting the lowest rate on the market. Our proprietary booking engine considers the guest's reviews, amenities provided, comfort, breakfast, customer service, and location, among other details. After our quality approval, the hotel is made available on your travel page where you can decide if it is a good fit for your needs or not. The decision is always yours.


  • Integrated Partners: We have been working hard to close deals with the most important technology companies in youth sports. Exposure Events, GotSoccer, LeagueApps, Tourney Machine, SincSports, DanceComp Genie, AES, and NBC Sports Next are already part of Lucid's family and their softwares are automatically integrated with Lucid to make hotel part of what they already do.


  • Tournament Directors: Lucid opened its doors in 2017 and since then we've been working to create a transparent connection with Tournament Directors around the USA and Canada. 


  • Sports Venues: Our business crosses paths with Sports venues on a daily basis, so our community is extended to them and vice-versa.


  • Universities: Universities have a personalized Lucid experience which is designed to facilitate their travel management and save time organizing hotels & travel. We already have 150+ Universities that use our software and trust our brand.


  • Teams:  Teams are the ones that make it all happens, so we are extremely empathetic to their specific expectations when choosing a hotel for their group. The youth sports sector is a fast growing market in North America thanks to the great teams that make it happen.


  • You: You might have been mentioned above so you already know how important you are to this community, but if you weren't, you must know that every business is made by people. Lucid Travel is a live organism, and every single person is a cell that makes us move forward. And we do this together.


It takes only a few minutes to sign up with Lucid, customize your own travel page, set up your rebate, and start using our 100+ features. 


If you want to become part of this ongoing community, send an email to and be welcomed by our Customer Success team. 


And if you want to receive our newsletter to see what's going on in the Lucid Travel community, subscribe here.

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