How Lucid Automates Tournaments Hotels

How Lucid Automates Tournaments Hotels

  • Posted: Jun 17, 2022

Lucid Travel is vastly different than most tournament travel agencies. This is because we’ve created our software to work for any event, large or small. 


Room Blocks

Room blocks are most common solution for accommodating groups. They are usually used for large tournaments and stay-to-play events. Room blocks require a lot of lead time because a custom contract must be negotiated to determine pricing, special terms, cut-off dates, and cancelation policies.


Automated Rates

Automated rates are what makes Lucid unique. These rates are pulled in to your event/tournament automatically from 40+ vendors including, Expedia, and non-public wholesale networks. Automated rates do not require a custom contract, can be made available instantly, and can be booked up the date of check-in. 


Automated rates are a gamechanger for:

  • Hotels not willing to set up room blocks (This allows you to be able to offer and earn revenue from hotels not willling to offer hotel room blocks
  • Smaller events where the number of rooms needed is not known
  • Events/tournaments that are past the cut-off dates for the room blocks set up (great for last minute reservations!)
  • Hotels outside of your standard room blocks (allows people to book rooms at hotels that are outside of the standard room blocks)


In both scenarios, you are able to define your rebate (meaning how much you want to earn per room night booked) and select the hotels you want to offer on your Lucid Travel Page (see example here). As with any other Lucid Travel feature, everything in our software is customized to your needs and is totally free.


If you want to learn more about how our always-free software, you can schedule a 15-minute meeting phone to discuss strategies.


If you prefer to sign up for free and start experimenting with the Lucid Travel facilities right now, just register here.


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