August 2022 Newsletter

August 2022 Newsletter

  • Posted: Aug 02, 2022


Welcome to our August Newsletter, this month we're chaning up our content to better suit youth sports and tournaments. 

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The world of youth sports travel is changing. The market continues to grow as youth sports gets more investment and presents more opportunities to young athletes.

Lucid Travel believes that the real opportunity in youth sports travel is in building a product to help teams directly (rather than only working with the tournament producers).

Introducing Lucid's Team Product

This is designed to be used by a traveling team or club. It's simply a single page that is sharable and includes the following features:

  • Search box - You have the ability to book 1-8 rooms instantly or request a team room block (10+ rooms).

  • Recent Reservations - You can view recent reservations made so that you can book at the same hotels as your teammates.

  • Team Travel Notifications - You can input your email and phone number so that you get notifications about your team's travel like room block reminders, notifications when other teammates book hotels, and more.

  • Team Rewards & Cashback - Every time someone books hotels using your Team Page your team earns Cashback rewards to help fundraise.

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About The Facility

Myrtle Beach has over 15 million visitors annually and has become known nationally for its youth and amateur sports.

The John T. Rhodes Myrtle Beach Sports Center is a 100,000-square-foot state-of-the-art, indoor sports facility. Opened in March 2015, the Sports Center features 8 basketball courts and 16 volleyball courts spread over 72,000 square feet.

The space has been designed to host court sports, wrestling, gymnastics, table tennis, pickleball, and other sports events as well as trade shows and conventions.

Top 3 Restaurants Nearby

@bummzbeachcafe Located less than 1 mile from the Sports Center, the Bummz is the beachfront cafe you love when at a sports weekend getaway. Their menu offers mouthwatering appetizers, burgers, tacos, soups, salads, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and, of course, coffee. The view is included :)

@harrysbreakfastpancakes Family meals are on! And they include pancakes and french toast. They have been voted #1 in Myrtle Beach for the last 10 years and have more than 2,400 reviews on Google. Their menu offers everything you want for breakfast & lunch, starting from the omelettes to wraps and salads. Lucid Tip: they match perfectly with Saturday mornings before games!

@captaingeorges We saved the best for last. Captain Georges is more than a must-go, it is part of the Myrtle Beach culture. The blue beach house has an outstanding buffet with entrees, soups, salads, vegetables, sides and dessert options. They also have gluten-free options. There is enough sun for everyone.

Must Visit Attractions

Myrtle Beach is a famous summer hot spot for families on the east coast. It has always been popular among locals but after the Netflix TV show Outer Banks it has been getting some extra attention from diverse tourists across the country.

The most visited attraction is Broadway at the Beach, a 350 acres space located in the heart of the city - a hub for shopping and entertainment.

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade is one of South Carolina’s most exciting and fun boardwalks. It is easily accessible and home to arcades, cafes, stores, and other fun places to visit. During the summer you can see a firework show and the Sun Festival.

The last suggestion is the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. The museum has all sorts of unique, bizarre, and one-of-a-kind items showcased in exhibits throughout. Among the top things to do at the museum, you will find a mirror-maze, a big arcade, and a haunted arena for laser tag.



We are always looking at the sports and innovation news, and this month we saved the TOP 5 that are worth sharing with you.

  1. Within the sports world, Niantic is working on an NBA version of Pokemón Go.

  2. FIFA will use AI cameras to mark the offsides during the World Cup.

  3. Apple plans to launch an Apple Watch Series 8 for extreme sports.

  4. Apple TV+ made a 10-year streaming deal to play the Major League Soccer games.

  5. Netflix started using new Ambeo spatial audio tech. The first show to use the new tecnology was nothing less than Stranger Things, Season 4. 



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