A New Way College Club Teams Can Raise Money

A New Way College Club Teams Can Raise Money

  • Posted: Jun 01, 2017

When we think about college sports, the first thing that comes to mind is sold out stadiums, big budgets and overpaid staff but there is another side to college sports that is often overlooked. Nearly every college has a university recreation (UREC) department that is responsible for managing club sports teams. These teams may not be at the varsity level but they’re still highly competitive programs that require significant investment in terms of money and time.


The problem is that these teams are often underfunded...


This means that a lot of the costs associated (tournament fees, apparel, equipment, travel costs and more) are funded by the team members, not the university. So on top of the bloated cost of education, these students are stuck trying to find a way to pay for their team’s expenses.


The only way to fill in the gap is by fundraising.


For anyone who has actually led a fundraiser, you know that raising money is far from easy.


The 3 main reasons fundraising is not easy:


  1. Convincing people to give you money is tough (duhhh…)

  2. Most fundraisers sell products that people don’t need & are low cost (low cost = low money raised)

  3. Most fundraisers require a lot of time to set up and manage


We wrote an article detailing this that you can find here


Imagine if there were a solution that could solve all of these problems in less than 5 minutes. Spoiler alert - there is...


Travel is the perfect product for fundraising.


It just so happens that selling something to yourself, that you are already going to buy, is really easy. Whether you need hotel rooms, room blocks, car rentals, or flights, Lucid Travel has the perfect system for your club team. We’re powered by travel leaders like Priceline, Booking.com and Hotel Planner so you get the same great rates, but ~5% of every booking is given back to your team as a means of fundraising. It’s free to sign up and use.


We constantly are asked, “Why would I pay 5% more just to get 5% back for fundraising?” The answer is that our prices are exactly the same as what you would see on our partner’s sites. We literally don’t increase the price at all, yet you get money back for your team - it’s like magic.


The best part is you can also share your page with friends and family to raise even more.


Here is our process


  1. Register your Team at lucidtravel.us

  2. Go to your Team Page

  3. Search for Hotels, Car Rentals and/or Flights

  4. Browse options, see prices and book in a few clicks

  5. Your booking will be tracked automatically and your fundraising dollars will be applied to your team’s account


If this sounds like something your college club team could utilize - register today.


Register Your Team


If it doesn’t, please let us know what we need to do to make it valuable for you and your team. Your feedback is critical to help us continue to grow. We love helping sports teams, big or small, raise money through travel and hope you join our growing community of athletes and innovators.


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Ben Knosby

Co-Founder & CEO


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