6 Common Misconceptions About Lucid

6 Common Misconceptions About Lucid

  • Posted: Apr 09, 2019

Here are the 6 most common misconceptions we hear when talking with prospective partners. I bet they'll surprise you...

Misconception #1: We’re A Travel Agency

Lucid is not a traditional travel agency. We don’t simply find travel deals, add a fee, and send you a bill - instead, we are a software platform that aggregates rates from all the top travel vendors in the marketplace so that you can browse, compare, and save in just a couple of clicks.

Misconception #2: We Add Fees And Require Contracts/Obligations

Lucid does not require any contracts or obligations to start working with us. We also do not add any fees to the services we provide. What you see is what you get with Lucid - no hidden fees, no limitations, and no liability.

Misconception #3: Getting Set-up Is Tough & Takes A Long Time

All that you need to do to get your organization set up is answer 5 easy questions. From there, we can get your custom page live in a matter of minutes and there are no sign-ups or long training sessions required to get started. 

Simply save your page, browse and book. Here’s an example for Northeastern University (northeastern.lucidhotels.us). Notice that teams and travelers don’t have to sign in to use it and it’s set up to fit their unique policies and procedures.

Misconception #4: Lucid Can Only Fit Certain Travel Processes

Because we’re a marketplace, we can fit ANY travel process. Whether you want to only book directly with hotels, your organization is tax-exempt, you only allow certain vendors, or you require travelers to get approval prior to booking - Lucid can help simplify it and save you money in the process.

Misconception #5: We’re Only Built For Teams & Groups

While it’s true that most of Lucid’s clients are universities, sports teams, and groups, we also serve other organizations like non-profits and businesses. We even work with individuals and families that want to have a one-stop-shop for all things travel.

Misconception #6: Customer Service Is Not A Priority

Just because we’re a highly automated, technology company doesn’t mean that customer service is not a priority for us. In fact, customer service is our #1 priority and it’s why our customers stay with us.

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