5 Fundraising Goals for College Club Sports Teams

5 Fundraising Goals for College Club Sports Teams

  • Posted: Jun 30, 2017

We get it, most College and University Club Sports departments can’t provide you enough allocated funding to cover the entire cost of your season. We surveyed 100+ University Recreation Departments nationwide and the data is there to prove it. Only 44% of URec Departments have an allocated fund greater than $100,000 per year for their teams.


We hear your cry college club teams and you’re not alone. Most URec programs said, “they wish they could give the teams more.” Lucid Travel is tackling the issue of under-funding for College Club Sports Teams. We’ve identified 5 different goals that your team page can be used to raise money for:



Goal 1: League & NGB Dues The beginning of every season starts with dues from your League and/or National Governing Body. Fundraising with travel can help offset these early costs, which could be very appealing to new recruits and rookies.


Goal 2: Jerseys & Equipment - Set a goal for money to replace old equipment or purchase new jerseys for the team. Most College Club teams get funding for equipment, but jerseys aren’t typically covered. Some sports, like Ultimate, get new jerseys every season and this comes out of the player's wallets. I think this is a really cool part of the sport, but if your team can raise money, your wallet will thank you.


Goal 3: Facility Rentals, Tournament & Entry Fees, Officiating Costs - These costs come with playing the game, with some sports more than others. Every team experiences these costs to a certain degree, so every penny helps.


Goal 4: Travel Costs - One of the main requirements of being an eligible competitive club sport for your University is required away games and travel. The cost of gas, flights, and hotels adds up. Hint - one way to fundraise during the season is booking hotels through the Lucid Travel Team Page. Any team can sign up for free and Lucid Travel will donate up to 5% back on hotel bookings through the Team’s Page.


Goal 5: Nationals & Post-Season - Just because you don’t play a College Varsity Sport, it doesn’t mean you aren’t a competitive athlete. College Club Athletes are just as dedicated, athletic, & talented as the rest. We know your team works just as hard in the classroom as it does on the field, even when it means getting practice space at inconvenient times or having to commute off campus for practice. We understand the grind and we hope that it pays off for you in your professional career and for your season goals. When the hard work pays off and you are able to make it to your post-season or College Club Nationals, the cost is high. A lot of teams rely on donations through different mediums, like GoFundMe. This is one of our favorite goals to fundraise with travel for and it’s a perfect use for the Lucid Travel Team Page. We were lucky enough to work with 3 great College Ultimate programs for their Nationals event - UNCW (@seamenultimate), UNC (@UNC_darkside), & Richmond (@URspidermonkeys). As a member of our Beta program, these teams received a donation of 5% back on their hotel bookings - raising a collective sum of $425.


Bonus Goal: Team Scholarship - Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones and your University Club Sports department is able to cover most to all of your season costs. That is why I included another personal favorite, set up a small scholarship for your team. We just covered how your team is a legitimate competitor with high athletic talent and high academic standards. Attract the top talent by offering them the perfect opportunity to embrace the culture of your program. The University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team has a scholarship for their team and they have been consistently attracting top High School Talent for their program, with a 2nd place finish at 2017 College Ultimate Nationals in Mason, OH. Check out the highlights from the Men's and Women's division by Ultiworld (@Ulti_world).




We know that the College Club Teams are the hidden gem of University Athletics - with a mix of traditional and new age sports from all sorts of different niches. Our goal is to empower YOU to raise money for your program because we know that you are the ones who will keep growing exposure for your sport. All athletes deserve their competitive outlet and we won’t let funding get in the way of achieving your goals. If you’re interested in having your Sports Team be a Beta User for Lucid Travel with a guaranteed 5% raised on every hotel booking - email info@lucidtravel.us and create your team page for free.


There are plenty of great ways to use fundraising money for your team. If you have other ideas for fundraising goals, please contact us. We are always open to feedback, ideas, and hearing from our users! You can also learn more about our Team Travel Services, and How To Fundraise With Travel. If you ae a College Club Sports Manager and are interested in being included in our Research Study, you can fill out our quick survey and we will send you our detailed report.  If you are interested in the results of our first survey on University Recreation Club Sports Budgeting, tell us your idea on how you would improve your current club sports hotel booking process.




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