Lucid travel is essentially free money for our club teams. Whether they utilize the heavily discounted rates or cash kick back, they’re bound to save or earn money that can be put towards other club ventures.

Emily Theys
Associate Director of Club Sports, Clemson University

Lucid Travel makes it easy to coordinate with my colleagues, especially when we have a conference hell week (5 conference next week!). Getting the best prices and having an easy way to keep track of expenses keeps us focused on our goals rather than travel planning.

Kevin Uy
District Analyst, Learn Platform

Lucid Travel has been such a great resource for our students and us as administrators. The simplicity of the platform is so user-friendly and the Lucid travel staff are always available to help with any questions or needs that we might have. We have really valued our partnership and they have turned innovative ideas into reality to expedite processes to maximize the efficiency for all users, in return saving our students and University a lot of time, money and resources.

Justin Waters
Director of Club Sports, East Carolina University

Lucid was wonderful to partner with. They worked quickly and effectively to help meet our needs for traveling to College Nationals (traveling from Wilmington, NC to Mason, Ohio). Customer service was spot on on the trip up to Ohio as well as when had arrived. Getting a kickback for fundraising was a nice addition on top of everything. UNC-Wilmington will definitely be using Lucid for future travel.

JD Hastings
Captian, UNCW Seamen Ultimate

I have enjoyed booking with Lucid Travel because everything is so easy to navigate on the site! All the hotels, prices, free breakfast, etc. shows up right there when you are looking for the hotel. Even better is the money back feature!

Alex Gebers
Associate Director of Club Sports, Utah Valley University

Lucid Travel takes the simplicity and usefulness of any of the major travel booking platforms and accentuates them. Not only does Lucid Travel offer a superior search engine, but their rewards programs help to boost their superiority from a financial standpoint as well. In short, not only has Lucid Travel been better at finding booking opportunities, but it has done so at a lower cost.

Liam Brown
President, Pitt Men's Rugby

“Booking business travel through Lucid Travel has lifted a weight off my shoulders. Being a small business, my margins are low and all of the work is on me so when I have to book travel for business, using Lucid Travel is almost like having someone do it for me. I can book my flight, my car and my hotel through your portal so there isn't a lot of time spent having to go to different sites to compare pricing. It's also a boon because I get cash back which goes back to my business so just a good all around service that I'm happy to use not only for business but also personal travel.”

Ted Calhoun
Founder & CEO, Calhoun Consultancy, LLC

Lucid Travel has been a great partner for Oak Creek Ultimate. They give teams attending our tournaments and our tournament staff great, affordable options in a easy-to-search engine. Overall, it makes for the most efficient way to find the best deals and cut down on hotel costs over the course of the season, and we fully plan to continue to use Lucid for our own use and to spread the word to the ultimate teams that we work with.

Kevin Baker
Tournament Director, Oak Creek Ultimate

As a student affairs professional, I’m confident Lucid Travel has my students’ best interest in mind. From a user-friendly platform to endless fundraising opportunities, Lucid Travel’s capabilities far exceed all competitors.

Samuel Hearn
Coordinator of Competitive & Rec Sports, University of Pittsburgh

I like the request feature that allows teams to find the hotel and book the rooms they want and then send it to the administrators to input the billing information. It allows the teams to take more ownership on their travel!

Chelsey Wright
Coordinator of Club Sports, Northeastern University

Lucid was a great and easy way for us to book hotel rooms, and on top of that earn money for our club. We will continue to use Lucid in the future due to the great service and the easy interface.

Chase Pruitt
President, KU Club Hockey

I have really enjoyed using Lucid Travel because of the easy-to-use interface and the high fundraising percentages given to our organization!

Josh Walker
President, NC State Club Tennis

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