New Feature + Additional Revenue

Learn how businesses from event directory websites to team communications software are making travel a key feature on their products and earning extra revenue in the process.

No Yearly Contract

No Minimum Bookings Required

Your Compensation

Revenue Share

Lucid offers an industry-high revenue share to our advertising partners.

  • You earn 30% of every dollar that Lucid earns
  • Opportunities to increase Revenue Share as your client base grows
  • We can also hide certain inventory if you require a minimum percent commission (i.e. "I need at least 5% commission).

Benefits For Your Customers

40+ Travel Vendors

Lucid is powered by the top travel vendors in the market - all the ones that your customers already use and love. This includes Expedia,,, Agoda, Priceline, GetARoom, all the major brands and more.

Exclusive, Non-public Deals

Lucid is also powered by travel wholesalers that typically only partner with large corporations. These rates offer discounts that range from 20% to 70% off standard rates.

Benefits For Your Business

Great Add For Marketing

Travel becomes one more feature you can brag about when speaking with prospects and leads.

Great Add For Existing Clients

Making travel a feature on your website can help make your product more "sticky" meaning that people are less likely to switch to a different product if they also manage travel in your platform.

How It Works

White-labeled Booking Engine

You get a white-labeled (or co-labeled) booking engine that can be added anywhere in your product that makes the most sense from a user experience standpoint.

Automated Tracking + Dashboard

Every time that a booking is made using your unique booking link, you earn money. We can set it up to send you a notification every time a reservation is made or at the end of each month.

Simple Integration & API

We can set up a callback and API integration so that you receive the booking data every time a reservation is made. It's great if you plan on creating dashboards for your clients using this information. The good news is that it's super simple and only requires one API connection to do it.

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